Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pitfalls of Everything

Haha, oh, me and blogs. I have a New Year's resolution everyone! To actually post on this blog! Surprise surprise.

But mainly because I'm finally catching up on my internet-related asexual life rather than my real-life-related asexualtiy. And boy, do I have a lot of ground to cover. A lot has happened in the past semester.

First off, sometime this summer *checks AVEN* ehem, June 19th, the first official Houston meetup took place. And it was fun, but it's still kind of depressing how few people will come out of the woodworks in Houston for anything whatsoever. My list is about eight people long... so sad! I'm currently stalking around AVEN for interested Houston people.

One of the reasons that makes me ever so sadder is that I have a strange tendency to attract people with similar life experiences/tastes/interests, and asexuality falls under this umbrella oddly enough. Myself and two friends from high school almost simultaneously discovered AVEN and realized we were most likely asexual... after being friends for two years already. This year at college, I discovered one of my friends is asexual, and came in contact with another asexual who I'm now great friends with. So... why doesn't this work over the internet?

However, latter friend is an AVEN success story, but also kind of hilarious in its inevitability. I first came in contact with this friend, Liz, when I searched AVEN for my school. I got in contact with her, and she turned out to be starting school this semester. So the first week of school we met up and had coffee! Yaaaay! And then I dragged her into my group of friends, and then realized one of my other friends had also been pulling her into this group after meeting her. All things considered... even without AVEN, we probably would have found out about each other and each other's asexuality eventually, but since I found her on AVEN before school started I was able to introduce her to the GSA-type organization on campus at its very first meeting of the year, and we didn't have to awkwardly discover/reveal to each other that we were asexual. The whole GSA thing is important in my eyes because I didn't know that the club existed until almost the end of my freshman year, and I was all sad that I got left out so long.

In the realm of real-world asexuality issues, I was able to be the pseudo-spokesperson for asexuality in our GSA (I use that term here because it is more universal; we go by a more inclusive, non-alphabet-soup name) this semester. Every semester we have an event where a panel of different sexuality and gender types answer questions from students in a lecture hall, and I got to represent the asexuals. That was just a ton of fun. I love peoples' reactions. It generates discussion and discussion generates visibility.

I also had the best reaction EVER from a girl at the first meeting of the year of our GSA. At one point I introduced myself as asexual, and one girl had never heard of it. I explained it, and I said for my case specifically, that I didn't participate in any sort of sexual activity. I would not like sex, thank you. And she said something along the lines of "How can you not like [sex] organs?" She was genuinely dumbfounded. The amazing thing is probably that she wasn't dismissive, she was actually fascinated. She turned out to be the polar opposite of my sex life--she participated in sex with both genders, but was almost aromantic.

Anyways, that's most of what's been happening in the world of asexuality for me recently. But I have a lot of topics lined up, a few of which I will list here so I don't forget and don't ramble.

-The dangers of asexuality
-A comparison, for your consideration
-Asexy goggles
-The experience of 'coming out' as asexual
-Personality crushes
-Asexual tastes

My ideal is to get posting at least once a week, perhaps up to every three days because I love Asexy Beast and that's what Ily does. (Is unoriginal)

Aaaaand a condom commercial just came on. Please return to your regularly scheduled lives now.


  1. Yeah we were stupid together for years?

  2. Indeed. We're very good at that, no?

  3. Aww, I'm feeling the love! Thank you! *warm fuzzies* I actually am toning it down and posting once or twice a week now...I was starting to feel a little burned out with my crazy schedule. If you can attract asexuals in "meatspace" (ha ha), more power to you! I only know one asexual person who I didn't meet through AVEN.

  4. Ooh, these topics look intriguing. Are "asexy goggles" like slash goggles?

  5. @Ily: yay! Yeah, I saw that when I FINALLY got caught up with the blogosphere, but I think I'm going to post fairly often here so that I don't go and make a million other blogs because I will totally do that. Have done that.

    @Espiksai: Oh god. I'm... I'm not quite sure if they're similar, but experience tells me that they can both worn at the same time.

    And now I will have to talk about slash goggles on that post... thanks for giving me a lead-in.

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