Saturday, January 23, 2010

Asexual Tastes

Okay, first of all notice that I am probably going to step back the updates to once a week or so now that school's started back. I could probably do more than that but I'm afraid writing these posts will give me more of an excuse to procrastinate. >_>

Anyways, back to the post. So last night I got one of these statements again, after Liz made a risque joke and be-boggled one of my friend's minds. He said, "Why do the asexuals in our group have the dirtiest minds?!" And Liz quite summed up my feelings on the matter: "Because we're more objective about sex. So we don't care."

Now, this is not true for all asexuals. I think it tends to have a more polarizing effect than other sexualities--you're either fantastically dirty-minded or fantastically sex-disgusted. But being asexual does not necessitate being totally averse to the idea of sex, or even the idea of having sex. This leads right into what asexuals like.

I won't go too much into the specific little icons the asexually community has latched on to--Ily already has a nice series of posts on that. In general, though, asexuals do tend to like things that are (potentially) asexual--Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, etc. But if those were the only things asexual people could like, we'd be hard pressed find our interests. This is why I bring up the dirty-minded part--that asexuals can be dirty minded, or at least like sexual things.

Take my musical tastes, for instance. Of course there's some classics, like Pink Floyd and the Who, and then my new fancy for old prog-rock band Yes. But one of my VERY favorite bands is Of Montreal. Readers, I LOVE Of Montreal, and Of Montreal is 80% sex and 20% crazy. It's kinky and fun and glorious and musical and other descriptive terms. But how can I like something that is so much sex? The simple answer is that it's not like I have to be sexually attracted to this music. To me it's still just music--so what if the lyrics are alllll about sex? Hell, I love Pink Floyd's The Wall and it contains such wonderful things as cheating on your wife and then running the girl that you cheated with out of your apartment but completely trashing your apartment and throwing stuff at her. Not something I can really relate to, but still one of my favorite albums. Oh, and another song I really like: "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. If you're not familiar, you might want to look up the lyrics.

So point being, tastes /= sexual preference. And I will continue to rock on.

Oh, also, does anyone have any bands or performers that appear to be somewhat asexual? I was thinking that Sufjan Stevens has very non-sexual lyrics, but this may be more of an 'innocence' thing that permeates his lyrics. Yes also has fairly non-sexual lyrics, but I don't know that they're completely devoid of this.

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  1. I've always loved cheesy sex songs, in a saucy postcard sort of way. One of my favourites is 'Ice Cream' by the New Young Pony Club. There's a barrage of horrific sexual/chocolate based innuendo and a rather pornographic video, which just makes it oddly asexual (I tend to picture two naive asexuals in a sweet shop), and one of the things I like about it is that I really have no idea if it's meant to be ironic or not. I love the idea that asexuals are really comfortable playing with these hypersexual extremes and pushing them to a whole new level, because we're sort of outside it all.