Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Asexualist

My name is Erin, and this is my blog.

So I've come to use the label "asexual" recently--and I went through the rites of passage for all Internet-dwelling asexuals: joined AVEN (, read all the little essays and explanations, and started up a new blog.

Most blogs I've started have withered and died from a simple lack of focus or lack of input. That is not to say that I never have anything to talk about. Oh, I have oodles. But I feel narcissistic talking about myself outside of my deviantART journal. So I thought--hold on; surely there's still something to be said on the subject of asexuality. That can be the focus here. Even though on AVEN it's a very well-discussed subject, there's not a ton of organized talk about it. Therefore, consider this post as tossing my hat in the ring. Let us prove to the statisticians that we're not all uneducated, closeted weirdoes!

I wished to imitate my favorite asexual blogger down at Asexy Beast ( and choose a specific topic to commentate (in her case, asexuality in pop culture), but recently I realized the folly of this. I am alllll about doing a million things at once: I draw, paint, write, play cello, piano, and guitar, sing, do martial arts, and my God, I could just exhaust myself listing crap. So this will be a more general blog about asexuality, from a personal perspective.

One of my biggest issues in asexuality is when it is dismissed by the argument that, if there's nothing happening, what's the big fuss about? But the whole thing is, just because sex is not happening doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Asexuals face lifestyle differences in many ways that aren't immediately apparent. And it's not just the issue of being propositioned by your drunk friend that one time, and then trying to keep their attention span long enough to explain why exactly you'll not be having sex with them anytime soon. We live in a society that's both sexual and repressed at the same time, and asexuals are caught right in the middle of it all.

So join me in my fantastical quest through the world of asexuality. Will I survive? Will you survive? Will we cast the one ring into the fires of Mt. Doom? ...We'll see.


  1. I'll go with you all the way to Mordor just for that LoTR reference. And also because Ily's blog is the first asexual blog I started reading regularly and it is also the reason why I eventually started my own blog (also a personal perspective on asexuality).

    Anyway, welcome to the asexual blogosphere! Is it all right if I link to your blog from mine? You don't have to link to my blog in return if you don't want to. I won't be offended :)

  2. Just found your blog. I feel extremely honored to be your favorite asexual blogger, and I'll link to you as well!